PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteers must be Pre-registered. Walk ups at the Rodeo will not be allowed. 



The members of the Franklin Noon Rotary Club invite you to join them in volunteering at the Franklin Rodeo! Altogether, it takes almost 300 people to work each night of the rodeo to make it run smoothly.

Volunteers receive a free Volunteer T-shirt and Concessions discounts.

Volunteers must be available to work beginning at 4:30 pm until the conclusion of the rodeo performance, about 10 pm.  (Rodeo starts at 7)

NOTE:  A Parent must volunteer with children younger than 16.  Children must be 13 or older to volunteer.

Thank you!

Volunteer Registration

To Volunteer at the Franklin Rodeo, please complete the information on the form.
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer without a parent chaperone.
  • Have you been a Franklin Rodeo volunteer in the past?
  • Please indicate the areas you would be interested in volunteering at the rodeo. We can't guarentee any assignments. We place volunteers based on the needs of each area.
  • I can work the following nights of the Rodeo: You may work ONE, TWO or ALL nights! You must work the entire shift which begins at 5pm (doors open at 4:30 so we need to be ready!) and the rodeo ends about 9:30/10 pm.
  • If you are volunteering with a group, please indicate that here.