Mutton Bustin’ and Calf Scramble lets kids get up close and personal with some of our furry little farm animals!

Mutton Bustin’

Sponsored by

A blue and black logo for the surry group.
A sheep with a helmet on is being ridden by some people.
A young boy riding on the back of a sheep.

Calling all little Cowboys & Cowgirls in training! Here’s your chance to get into the thrill of rodeo in mutton bustin’!

Many come. Few are chosen. Try your luck and enter! Here’s the Rules:

  • Must enter the drawing AT THE RODEO for a chance to ride.  (No pre-registration)
  • Any willing child UNDER 50 POUNDS may enter.
  • Entries close right after the Opening so enter early!
  • 10 names are drawn each night. Listen for the announcer to call your name!
  • We’ll strap on a helmet and buckle up a vest for safety.
  • One parent is allowed on the arena floor during the event.
  • All of these aspiring cowboys and cowgirls receive a participation award from the sponsor.

Calf Scramble

Sponsored by RN Moore Company

A group of people in the middle of a race.
A group of children are playing with cows.

Calf Scramble is a great way for the kids to get up close and personal with some of our fuzzy little farm animals!

We place a ribbon on the tails of three calves and turn the kids and the calves loose. The first three participants to return the ribbon to the clown wins a cash prize.

Not responsible for lost boots, flip flops, hats or anything stepped in other than arena dirt!