Position your Brand with a 71 Year Tradition!

Here are some great NEW opportunities for your business to partner with the Franklin Rodeo!

Call Devin Gilliam to reserve your spot!  615-708-8590

Sponsor Hospitality Room

A sign that says " sponsor hospitality ".

$2,500 ~ Custom Sponsorship

We have a new opportunity to promote your business to other sponsors!  Each Sponsor gets between 4 and 8 dinner tickets each night so that’s about 250 people each night. Set up a marketing table, give away some swag, talk to some potential customers!

The Sponsor Hospitality area is a private dining area next to the Cantina with a catered meal.  Your business will be branded with signage around the door as well as in the hospitality area.

This is a custom package.  Call Bill to work out the details!

Proud Hospitality Sponsor – Room Sponsor:


Proud Hospitality Sponsor – Food Sponsor:

A black dog sitting on top of a blue table.

“Hawk’s Nest” 

Special Seating Section


A large indoor arena with a metal fence.
A large screen in the middle of an arena.


Experience the Rodeo from a Bird’s Eye view right over the Bucking Chutes!

This is a new area that has become available and we are offering it to you for premium seating!


  • Rodeo Tickets for 20 guests each night
  • Seating at High Top Tables & Stools facing the arena and overlooking the bucking chutes
  • Catered Dinner by CD’s BBQ
  • Cooler of Beverages for your guests (non-alcoholic)
  • Banners on the railing with your name & logo; major focal point!
  • Banner on the LED Banner Board (LBB)
  • Rodeo Program Ad – Full Page Color
  • Rodeo Announcer Mentions
  • Website – your logo & link
  • Rodeo Parade Entry
  • Franklin Rodeo “Experience” (unlimited guests)

Proud “Hawk’s Nest” Sponsor:


Pony Hop Races!

A group of people sitting on top of blue balls.

Call DEVIN GILLIAM 615-708-8590 to register


   Thursday – 10

   Friday – 10

   Saturday – 10

$200 Each, 10 Racers per Night (Adults only)

We are letting the big kids have some fun with this no-holds-barred bouncing Barrel Race!

You may advertise your business – wear a logo shirt or uniform.  We’ll list all the Racers names or Business names up on the Scoreboard during the race each night.

Proud Event Sponsor:

A black and blue banner with the words college appeal for all

Bounty Bull & Broncs

$750 Per Bareback, Saddlebronc or Bull EACH night or…

$2250 for ALL nights!

Each night the stock contractor will designate his rankest Bareback, Saddlebronc and Bull with a Bounty which means that the Cowboy that makes the 8 second whistle will win some extra cash on the spot! Each Bounty horse and bull will be named after YOUR business!

Deliverables for ONE Night (BAREBACKS or SADDLEBRONCS)

  • Rodeo Tickets for your night – 4

  • Quarter Page Program Ad

  • Your logo on the new LED Banner Billboard.

  • Announcer Mentions

  • Parade, Experience, Website Logo & Link

Deliverables for ALL Nights (BAREBACKS)

  • Rodeo Tickets & Sponsor Hospitality all nights – 6

  • Half Page Program Ad

  • Your logo on the new LED Banner Billboard.

  • Announcer Mentions

  • Parade, Experience, Website Logo & Link

A man riding on the back of a horse.
A man riding on the back of a brown cow.

Bounty BULLS

EACH Night:

A red and white logo of henry drilling.



A picture of the franklin range logo.


Barebacks: Thur, Fri, Sat

Saddlebroncs: Thur, Fri


A man riding on the back of a bull.
A man riding on the back of a bull.

Proudly Sponsored by:


A black and white image of the word groove.

Our Cowboy Life Savers!  Put YOUR brand on their shirts!   They get a lot of visibility throughout the entire rodeo.


Your Deliverables:

  • 6 Rodeo Tickets and Hospitality Passes each night

  • Banner on the LED Banner Billboard

  • Rodeo Program 1/2 Page Ad

  • Minimum of 4 Rodeo Announcer Mentions

  • Link to your website on our Sponsors Page

  • Rodeo Parade Entry

  • Franklin Rodeo “Experience” Unlimited Guests

“Rowdy” the Rodeo Bull Mascot

Proudly Sponsored by:

A logo of the city house construction company.


Rowdy makes many appearances throughout the weeks leading up to the Rodeo…he’s also a “regular” at the Rodeo Parade, “Experience” Kick Off Party and greets guests each night of the Rodeo. We will outfit him with a brand new shirt (like our bullfighters wear) that has YOUR LOGO plastered all over it!

A stuffed cow wearing a cowboy hat and vest.

Step & Repeat Photo Backdrop

$2,000 Each – 2 Available (On the Mezzanine)

A group of people standing in front of a wall.
Two children dressed up in cowboy outfits on a red carpet.

Great Branding Opportunity!

We will make a Step and Repeat backdrop with YOUR logo and the Franklin Rodeo logo…including a red carpet!   Anyone that walks by will want to get their photo made there!  Staff the area with your employees to take pics, pass out literature and meet people!  Bring a few props for more fun photo ops!


  • Rodeo Tickets – 4 each night

  • Hospitality Passes – 4 for Thursday

  • Program Ad – 1/4 Page

  • Banner on the LED Banner Billboard

  • Rodeo Announcer Mentions

  • Website – your logo and link

  • Rodeo Parade Entry

  • Franklin Rodeo “Experience” Unlimited Guests